SSL Certificates (only needed if connection stating certificate is "untrusted")

Client Certificates

CITRIX CLIENTS for Windows and MACs

After Install cancel out of pop up screens that occur after install-that ask for server or single sign on

Simply follow the prompts ( do not select any options/add-ons). All browsers are supported except Microsoft Edge

OLDER CITRIX Receiver v4.11 for Windows (Windows 8/10)

Microsoft Windows Citrix Client Reciever 4.11

WINDOWS - Citrix Workspace - Scroll down to 2209 version


Earlier MAC version - scroll down to MAC early servions

PAC Troubleshooting

Screen issues: If you experience the Citrix application launching and then immediately closing OR grey/black screen,
please complete the following steps:
1. Log into the web page (
2. then Click on Change View on the main PAC site. Then settings,
3. At the bottom of the screen change seamless to % of screen - and choose Above 90%
4. Make sure to click Save
Now when the application launches, it will be inside of a window.

Saving Files in PAC
In order to save reports outside of skyward you need to create a folder under c:\ drive called skyward ( or other).   Then while in PAC/skyward saving a report browse to   V:\skyward and save your document   We suggest to check your security setting also
***Once user is logged on to Citrix: Go down to the lower right hand corner by the clock and RIGHT click on the Citrix Citrix Receiver, Choose - Connection Center. then click on the session once, then click on the file security or preferences button on the right and choose Full Access ( read and write)and Never Ask Again. Then try again. user also have to have permissions to save to the local drive c: ( Most users do not permissions to save to the Root drive) That is why the folder is created

How to Send Pictures to Iscorp
First you will need to get a secure URL from Iscorp for picture upload.
Pictures need to match the Other ID or NS+staff ID(example NS12345.jpb) in skyward Student Database,( for Finance it is NS+Name ID) Pictures have to be in .jpg format and there is no need to zip the file under 250 images. Please keep the link for future uploads.